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Introduce Yourself!

Thank you all for joining Region IX Discussion Forum! 

We hope this will serve as a valuable resource for you!  We look forward to seeing Region IX community members engage, collaborate, and share what you are doing to support individual and community preparedness.

 Please make sure to keep things polite and helpful, and do take a second to review our  Discussion Policy

 Let's get started with some introductions! Who are you, why are you here, what experiences do you have with community preparedness and what type of projects are you working on etc.

Again,  Thanks for being a part of this community forum and please spread the word to your networks to join too!

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Heather Duschell 2 years ago   Reply

Hello Everyone,

My name is Heather Duschell.  I work for FEMA Region IX in Oakland, California in the National Preparedness Division as a Tribal Liaison.  My main role to help Tribal Nations (158 of them in Region IX) become prepared and learn how we can help each other.  I also help out when disasters strike and always ready to deploy. 

I have an emergency preparedness kit under my work desk and at home.  I even have a preparedness kit for my 2 dogs and 2 cats at home.  It is important to be prepared because you never know what or when a disaster will stike when.  It is very important to have a kit--even if it is something.  Depending on the disaster, help could be a week away.  Always prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

Heather Duschell, MNS

Shawn Connors 2 years ago   Reply

Hello Fellow First Responders.  My name is Shawn Connors and I am a safety manager and disaster coordinator/educator at an out patient dialysis unit in San Francisco.  I am a NERT, (the CERT equivalent in S.F),  and also a fire department volunteer in Berkeley, California. I have worked in S.F. in my current position for over 30 years.  I am the unit preceptor for all nurses and techs in clinical dialysis technique at my unit and am also a member or the Network 17 Emergency Coalition for renal patients.         I teach CPR, safety issues, and set up the emergency preparedness plan and incident command system in my unit and helped others set up ICS/emergency preparedness programs at various hospitals/clinics in the Bay area for the dialysis setting.

 I am passionate about EM preparedness as I have experienced/witnessed several disasters first hand or spoke to involved people after such events especially as they pertain to dialysis patients/workers. I am currently working on refining the role and responsibilities of the ICS team at my unit (including both employees and patients) and coordinating our working with the OES, fire, local NERT group, and police department in the event of a major disaster in our area.  I am also in the process of setting up surrounding neighborhoods' EM plans, but it's a slow painstaking process (!)

My goals this year are to become somewhat proficient with radio communication and teaching ICS, and to participate in enhanced CERT training. Technically, I want to learn more about water (purification) treatment systems. As an urban first responder working with end stage renal patients, I truely appreciate any training/support/feedback, FEMA, CERT, and all my fellow first responders/emergency planners have or will, in the future give me regarding these critically important topics. Thanks and stay safe, Shawn Connors CHT, CCHT      

Nakisha Mesui 2 years ago   Reply

Hello Everyone!

My name is Nakisha Mesui and I just wanted to quickly introduce myself. I don't know much about emergency preparedness but I hope that through connecting with this site I will be able to learn the necessary skills in order to be prepared for anything that comes my way. In a few weeks I will be attending a Red cross class that teaches about preparedness and the basics of CPR. This is just a few of the steps that I am taking in order to be more prepared.

Welcome Nakisha!

It's great to see you are getting involved in preparedness.  To get more involved, visit to locate a nearby council and learn about their preparedness outreach or trainings they have in their community.  There is another great volunteer opportunity with the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) .  CERT helps  educate and train individuals in basic life saving skills and more. To locate one in your or nearby your community,  visit Please continue to explore and get all the preparedness information you need.

Thanks for joining us!

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Craig Danilowicz 2 years ago   Reply

Hello everyone, I am Craig Danilowicz, one of the two Planning Section Chiefs (PSCs) on FEMA Region IX's two Incident Management Assistance Teams.  I have currently been with the agency 3 years.  Before that I served as an Transportation Corps Officer in the United States Army for 8 years and I am an veteran of Afghanistan.  I have geniune intrest in "prepping" which began when I was stationed in Fairbanks Alaska and we were all required to carry emergency kits in our cars.

Tim Liston 2 years ago   Reply

Hi Everyone,

My name is Tim Liston and I'm with Folsom CERT in Folsom, CA.  I've been with CERT now for 1.5 years now.  I'm currently helping out our team by coordinating volunteers for local requests for assistance.  We provide first aid staffing at various City sponsored events throughout the year.

I am also serving on the board of our 501c.3, Friends of Folsom CERT, in an effort to better support and facilitate CERT activities in Folsom.

Our coordinators, Jake and Jim, are great guys and do a lot to make sure we have the tools and training we need to succeed.  My goal is to help them do their job the best they can and help take some of the load off when possible. I'm very interested in growing CERT in our area and connecting with others to learn how to make our program better.

shannon Morgan 1 year ago   Reply

Hello, My name is Shannon Morgan and I am very new to this website. i see

that our region covers such a large area that most the activities, training and such take place too far away from me to be of any help. i see you are in Folsom. I am in Wilton and work in Sacramento. What othe activities and training are you aware of that are closer to us? Thank you Shannon

Joanne DeHerrera 1 year ago   Reply


My name is Joanne, and I am a community leader in Central Ca. The town I live in consists of around 2000 people. We are a township, and I am trying to become Mayor. I am very concerned about protecting/helping the USA against all forms of threat nature or otherwise; I have applied for a second Master’s degree in Homeland Security start date June4th, 2012. My first is a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Management. Nice to meet everyone and I will post when I hold my first event. If you are from the Central Valley and are concerned with flooding, or more especially farming and agriculture; please connect with me. Also, if FEMA would like to hire me; please contact me right way. Thank you!

Marc Nishimoto 1 year ago   Reply

Hi all.  My name is Marc Nishimoto and I am the public health emergency preparedness planner for the Maui District Health Office of the Hawaii State Department of Health.  My background involves all-hazard emergency operations plan development, training and exercises, and community preparedness activities, including starting the Maui County Hurricane Expo (in this 6th year, the name was changed to Maui County Disaster Expo). I also help to oversee the Maui County Health Volunteers, a Medical Reserve Corps Unit, and am a board member of the Maui Crime Stoppers and Maui Citizen Corps Council.


My name is Tammy Evrard. I am a Community Service Advocate living in Hawaii. I am currently a trainer for individuals with access and functional needs and provide training on emergency preparedness. I also work with the California State Council on Developmental Disabilities and other private and non-profit agencies.

I look forward to sharing ideas, learning from others and helping my community prepare for any disaster or emergency situation.


Good Morning, I am Erik Miller, with New Age Consultants, an Emergency Management/Preparedness Consultant agency specializing in the Aging and At-Risk Populations, located in Casa Grande, AZ; however, we provide services nationwide.

I have been a member of the coalition since last year, and I am trying to put together an Emergency Preparedness Expo or similar event. I ordered my supplies from FEMA and am trying to coordinate this event with local organizations and CERT Teams. If I cannot get a space, I will make rounds at the Active Adult Communities, Businesses, and Schools.

A little background, as the Founder of New Age Consultants, I have a Masters of Science and Technology (M.S.T.) in Emergency Management and Environmental Technology Management. I have close to a decade of Emergency Management/Services field, paid and un-paid, and I in 2009, I completed a Standard Operating Procedures document for Sheltering the Special Needs Population within Pinal County, AZ.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Welcome to the community Erik and thanks for introducing yourself! I look forward to collaborating with you more in the future!


Lauren Modeen

Shearly Chambless 1 year ago   Reply

I look forward to learning more about preparedness and hope to increase awareness of those around me in September 2012.  Are there any ideas out there about how to get started with friends and family, so as not to overwhelm or frighten?

Hi Shearly,

First of all, thank you for taking the initiative to join the discussion board. Another thanks for stepping up to take the lead to help your friends and family get prepared! That's a great start already.

Preparedness should not be overwhelming at all :), Your resource is right here on the Ready site. Start by exploring the above topics to learn ways to to Be Informed, Make a Plan, Build an Emergency Kit, and to get more involved.

If you need preparedness materials to help you spread the word, check out the  Explore Resources section and download templates and guidance documents that are filled with key messages,event ideas, posters, and etc., so you won't have to draft up your own message.  

I've also attached  a  Preparedness Bingo Game I found at This can make preparedness more fun for people.

I hope this information help. Please let me know if you have any questions.



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Divya Saini 1 year ago   Reply

Hi Everybody!

I'm Divya from California.

I was recently nominated to serve on Fema's Youth Preparedness Council as a representative for Region 9!

I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of the council, and look forward to advocating preparedness and bringing forth some new ideas and aspects to our region.

I hope to get as many people involved in the efforts as possible.

Lots more exciting efforts to come!


Welcome Divya!

It was a pleasure meeting you last week.  I'm thrilled to have you on board for the National Youth Preparedness Council for Region IX. Please engage with other community members on this board for ideas and help for your upcoming projects. Make sure to take advantage of all the resources on this site. I look forward to working with you!



Hi Angela,

My name is John Wyek.  As a parent, I am very involved with the local schools in Marin County through the District Office in Novato, the County Office of Education, various PTA's, and several school sites directly.

I also operate which provides education in emergency preparedness and sells emergency supplies.

I look forward to hearing what others in our region are doing for community events, and will keep you posted on any new events that I am involved with.


Welcome John!

Great to have you in the Region IX discussion forum.

- Angela

Hello. I am Steve Lloyd.

My background: 30 years in Fire Service, 28+ years as Paramedic with over 20,000 documented responses. In the fire service I have served as; CERT Instructor, EMT Trainer, Paramedic preceptor, Safety Task Force, MCI instructor and assisted with hospital disaster planning. I also have15+ years on Federal Disaster Medical Response Teams (DMAT and NMRT) where I have served as Triage, Paramedic, Safety, Operations, Decon Unit Leader, "gofer", transportation, and Training Officer. I was deployed to multiple hurricanes (Katrina/Rita, Ivan, Ike and others), Ground Zero post 9-11, Olympics in Park City, Summit of Eight and other assignments. I am also involved in HAM Radio EMCOMM and a member of RACES. After retiring from the fire service I am transitioning from primary responder to more emphasis as educator and now work for WorkForce Safety training in Murrieta, CA where we teach CPR/First Aid, Hazwopper, ICS, OSHA classes, disaster prep and other topics. I am signed on here to see what else can be done to encourage others to "Be Ready!"

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