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Video media for local TV station or PSA on emergency preparedness

Don Clendenin 1 year ago   Reply

What I am looking for is a source for free public domain video clips of disaster events in the San Francisco Bay Area such as the 89' Loma Prieta earthquake, Oakland wild fires, San Bruno pipeline explosion. These clips would be narrated over, B-roll, followed by showing the actions that everyone can take to minimize some of the effects from the disasters or how they can get trained to help.

The free or very low cost part is a little bit obvious as budgets have been trimmed.The YouTube videos are reduced considerably in quality and probably not good enough for broadcast quality. Having closer the original source is better a quality to use. I know that the CHP had some footage that was not shown publicly on their investigation of the bridge failure and collapsed Cypress, even showing the Cypress collapsing.

Our city has a local TV presence and they are looking for input from different commissions that would be relevant to the public. I am on the Emergency Preparedness Commission and have been tasked with making or at least story boarding several videos that would help the public to see the need to be prepared. I think that most of us realize that much of the public thinks that the government will help them, but in reality it will be too late and/or too little for some.The real help is us being prepared. A good example is health insurance, where they think that going to the doctor or hospital will make them better after..., but in truth that is a repair that may or may not work, but doing the right things, like eating right and exercise will avoid or minimize getting the disease or condition. That's preventative maintenance.

If any have ideas also for video media that you have produced that would be of help also.

Hey Don,

I will do a little research and see what  I come up with you!

Give me a couple days. 



Check out PSA Central from the Ad-Council. It does require a sign up but the images and videos are free. We are not aware of resource for B-Roll.



I found some more PSA's for you. Please see -

Steve Peterson 1 year ago   Reply


Here is a link to the Public Service Announcement produced by my daughter's Girl Scouts Troop. You could always leverage it.