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The National Preparedness Community

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The following materials are available to you or your organization to support your participation in the National Preparedness Community and to promote awareness and preparedness.  NOTE: to download any of these resources YOU MUST REGISTER to join the communityClick here to join. User Guide

PDF User Guide

National Preparedness Month: Key Points

PDF Background on NPM and Key Messages to Convey
PDF Sample Social Media Messages
PDF Proclamation Request & Template

Sample Messages by Audience

PDF General Audience
PDF Community Involvement Audience
PDF Family Audience
PDF Preparedness on a Budget
PDF Pet Owners
PDF Business Owners/Managers Audience
PDF Email to Employees
PDF Press Templates

Event Ideas by Audience

PDF General Audience
PDF Education
PDF Emergency Managers
PDF Faith based Communities
PDF Pet Owners
PDF Private Sector
PDF Persons with Disabilities
PDF Fire Fighters/EMS Community 

Emergency Preparedness Tools

PDF General Quiz
PDF Quiz for Kids
PDF Ready Campaign checklists, plans and brochures
PDF Public Service Announcements
PDF Non-English and Limited English Proficiency
PDF Ready Publications Order Form
PDF Ready 'Rex' Mascot Order Form

NPM Web Banners & Graphics

JPEG 728x90 Horizontal
JPEG 120x600 Vertical
PDF Bill Stuffer
PDF Poster - 8.5x11
PDF Poster - 21x31

JPEG 250x250 Square
JPEG 120x90 Small Button
PDF Bill Stuffer (Customizable)
PDF Poster - 8.5x11 (Customizable)
PDF Poster - 21x31 (Customizable)

Web Banners by Hazard

JPEG 728x90 Hurricanes
JPEG 728x90 Tornadoes
JPEG 728x90 Floods
JPEG 728x90 Severe Weather
JPEG 728x90 Thunderstorms/Lightning
JPEG 728x90 Wildfires

JPEG 250x250 Hurricanes
JPEG 250x250 Tornadoes
JPEG 250x250 Floods
JPEG 250x250 Severe Weather
JPEG 250x250 Thunderstorms/Lightning
JPEG 250x250 Wildfires

Other outreach material to reach the public

PDF Hurricane Preparedness Week Talking Points to use in your public messaging
PDF Hurricane Preparedness Week Blog post template
PDF Hurricane Preparedness Week Social Media tools and sample messages
PDF Severe Weather Awareness Talking Points to use in your public messaging
PDF Severe Weather Awareness Blog post template
PDF Severe Weather Awareness Social Media tools and sample messages

Other Media Tools

PDF Hurricane Preparedness Week Press Release Template
PDF Hurricane Preparedness Week Op-Ed Template
PDF Severe Weather Awareness Press Release Template
PDF Severe Weather Awareness Op-Ed Template

Spanish Materials

PDF Hurricane Preparedness Week Talking Points
PDF Hurricane Preparedness Week Blog post template
PDF Hurricane Preparedness Week Press Release template
PDF Hurricane Preparedness Week Social Media tools and sample messages

JPEG 728x90 Huricanes

JPEG 250x250 Hurricanes