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University Preparedness Event

Nicole Stansifer 1 year ago   Reply

Hi everyone!

I'm looking at organizing a preparedness fair/expo at a university for National Preparedness Month. Just wondering if anyone has held such an event at a university and if so, what advice or suggestions do you have? What worked well in reaching out to college students?



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michael bookman 1 year ago   Reply

I would make sure you have information on Emergency preparadness for there dorms .They should have flash lights .Bug out bags ect. Work with the Emergency Management Department Start a CERT team . Look at the CERT page. Has info for youth CERT ect. Thanks in advance Michael F Bookman

Beverly Emergency Management

Ted Mauro 1 year ago   Reply

In 2005 I created a University group under a Americorp grant. It had a group of students, staff, faculty and communiity members who formed a CERT team, a student SGA group and did events. They assist Emergency Managment drills (including doing a incident drill for the infirmery). It was fun and it was good because those students who partcipated to their training across the state and the country when they left.

Agnes Attakai 1 year ago   Reply

At our university we had a weeklong fair "Family & Workplace Preparedness"

Day 1: Workplace Preparedness

Day 2: Surviving Disaster Video and discussion

Day 3: Preparedness Fair

Day 4: Active Shooter: How to Confront the Unthinkable

Day 5: Test Your Knowledge: Jeopardy Challenge

For flyers and list of activities for those days go to: