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Introducing Myself

Tamika Montgomery 1 year ago   Reply

Hello, All:

My name is Tamika Montgomery.  My roots are in Philadelphia, PA, but I reside in Columbia, SC and just began pursuing an MS in Public Safety with a concentration in Emergency Management.  I am employed by the SC Dept. of Corrections as an Inmate Grievance Coordinator.  I am new to this group and am interested in seeing what I can do to help the people of SC prepare in the event of an emergency. I am also interested in networking with you all.

NPM Team - FEMA 1 year ago   Reply

Thanks so much for joining, Tamika! Be sure to check out our Region IV forum to see what emergency preparedness initiatives are occuring in your area.

Lauren Eineker

FEMA-Individual and Community Preparedness Division

Amadou Cisse 1 year ago   Reply

Higgghh Tamika i think u are owkay am from Senegal and i'am interested buy your project tell me what i'am got to do am wating for your answer peace