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The National Preparedness Community

Hello from Santa Fe

Kristin Slater-Huff 1 year ago   Reply

I am the director of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We have hosted emergency preparedness events for the last five or six years and we are looking forward to this year's event.

Hi Kristin,

Thanks for joining the community and introducing yourself! Please add your emergency preparedness event to our shared calendar, and be sure to check out the other conversations going on in your regional discussion forum.

-Lauren Modeen

Hi Kristin!

Thanks so much for joining the Coalition and posting to the Discussion Board.  What events are you having this year?  RSVP is a great program!  Are any of your volunteers CERT trained?

Thanks very much,

Shari Brand

FEMA RVI Community Preparedness Officer

Debra Williams 1 year ago   Reply

Hi Shari,  I am new to disaster preparedness.  What is the RSVP program and where do I find the info?

Hi Debra,

Thanks for your question!  RSVP stands for Retired Senior Volunteer Program.  Almost every city has one.  This is a general information website address:

If you have any questions after you look at the website, let me know!  I hope this helps.


Shari Brand, FEMA Region VI Community Preparedness Officer

Debra Williams 1 year ago   Reply

Thank you for your quick response.  This will greatly help me!  As of this week I am now on my HOA emergency response team.  We live in a 55+ community and we probably have at least 300 single family homes in our community.  I will take a look at the website.