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Intro and welcome to First Florida Underwriters, Inc.

Mark Hart 1 year ago   Reply

Hi I'm Mark with First Florida Underwriters Inc. Check in on our post about Disaster preparedness and insurance issues in Florida at Here a sample of our 08/23/2012 post.

Over all the years I’ve lived on the Atlantic coast of Florida we have always had a disaster supply kit. Unfortunately over the years the “Hurricane Supplies” have gotten so numerous I would need a truck to carry them all. Does that sound like you?

In todays world we have Food Insurance and a whole host of outlets including Costco and Sam’s Club now pushing preparedness supplies from food storage to water filtration. I think its great that people are focused on being self reliant, but lets focus on our real need in Florida. Our biggest threat is a Flood, Hurricane, Tornado or Wild Fires. For this post I’ll leave Tornados out because there really is not enough time to prepare or evacuate.

Now back to all those Hurricane Supplies, in your planning you need to decide in advance and based on the storms strength if you will be sheltering in place (Bugging In) or Evacuating (Bugging Out). If you are Bugging In all those supplies will keep you comfortable. Like most, I have 10 cases of bottled water, almost 2 weeks of food in the house, the generator to run the refrigerator, stove and other appliances. I always have an extra bottle of LP Gas for the grill too. So in a minor storm that knocks out the power for a few days the whole event basically becomes a little adventure.

Now for the evacuation or (Bugging Out) I call this a Katrina Level event, well for me its a strong Cat2 storm, but remember every storm and every location is different. Weather is unpredictable so we urge all our readers to heed the warnings. Once you have determined you have to leave, now what? Lets go over some basics facts. 1. Without security you can expire in 1 second. 2. Without air you will expire in 3 minutes. 3. Without water you will expire in 3 days. 4. Without food you will expire in 3 weeks. 5. Without shelter you could expire anywhere in between based on your location and weather. With that said if you have to Bug Out you need all 5 basics covered for a period of 3 to 7 days. You have to be light and everything needs to fit with your mode of transportation. Have a plan for the routes you will be taking to evacuate and have a secondary roads plan if the main roads are blocked. For most people you need to have a specific destination unless you are self contained with a Motorhome or camping trailer.

While we can’t possibly cover this topic in one post we will have more post on Storm Preparedness that will cover topics like; equipment and gear, the elderly, special needs, pets, live stock, business interuption.

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for introducing yourself and joining the community!

-Lauren Modeen