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Carol Ferranti 1 year ago   Reply

Hello my name is Carol Ferranti and I am currently assigned to the beautiful Las Vegas Strip tourist corridor as the Crime Prevention Specialist with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  

I started my law enforcement career in January of 1990 with the sheriff’s office in my hometown in SW Florida.  You could say preparedness is in my blood growing up in the gulf coast hurricane alley which makes evacuation or shelter in place is standard operating procedure for me. 

I am a certified instructor with my agency for Emergency Management as well as other courses that I have teach.   I also have completed multiple trainings with our employees to ensure that they and their families have the tools necessary to be prepared in the event of a disaster.   I have given numerous presentations to senior groups, C.E.R.T. groups, Neighborhood Watch, multi-housing property managers groups and at our monthly community 1st Tuesday meetings through my agency.

Even though I am living in the desert I still am involved in disaster preparedness events, training and engaging my local community to be ready & prepared. 

Las Vegas in Clark County is surrounded by several mountain ranges and is home to the Hoover Dam or originally known as the Boulder Dam.  Our county has approximately 2 million residents. It also show cases its lights and attractions to more than 35 million visitors annually.

Crime prevention means to anticipate, recognize, appraise, and address crime and the factors contributing to crime.  The goal of crime prevention is to reduce victimization and to deter crime and criminals.  This same mindset parallels with preparedness measures related to disaster preparedness practices.

I would like to assist /network with other individuals and first responder agency representatives.  My goals are to glean from others their “best practices” and successes of implementation for community programs. Thank you!

Hi Carol,

Thanks so much for introducing yourself and joining the community. And thanks for sharing more about your community and your past experiences. Do you have any memorable stories to share? If so, please add them here. Your input is what helps us grow and learn as a community!

Looking forward to collaborating more in the future.

-Lauren Modeen