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The National Preparedness Community


Jim King 1 year ago   Reply

Hello All!  My name is Jim King, and I am an Emergency Preparedness Specialist located in Southern California.  I am looking forwarding to collaborating with the group and learning more about the preparedness activities going on across our nation!!

Jeffrey Naranjo 1 year ago   Reply

Hello Jim

My name is Jeffrey Naranjo also here in Southern California l would greatly appreciate any insight you could provide me to help my preparedness efforts here at work. I am a Emergency Mititgation Cooperative Coordonator.

Thank you

Debra Williams 1 year ago   Reply

Hi Jeff - Where are you located in southern California?  Maybe we can collaborate on our efforts.  I am in the Inland Empire.  I will share all of the information I am gathering.

Jeffrey Naranjo 1 year ago   Reply

In the City of Commerce. I live in Hacienda Heights. I work with 6 Divisions of L.A County and have trained over 40 members in all Divisions in Cert for our Emergency Response Teams yet keeping the interest at the Mgmnt level is not an easy task.

Stacey Cain 1 year ago   Reply

Arizona DHS has been able to support the Arizona Coalition for Tomorrow (ACT) during an upcoming health fair, scheduled for Sept 29th. ACT has been providing health services in support of our local community for many years. In addition to providing an outstanding service to our local community this event also allows us to utilize some of our volunteers within the State. Utilization of personnel helps maintain support and motivation. I also manage HPP and PHEP grant funds for the state, this activity meets some of our mandatory measures for the federal government. I have included a link to ACT for your reference. Most communities have similar community support activities; to maintain support from management and members I would seek out activates that align with your capabilities. 

I'm also Southern California and am available to share what I know. Feel free to contact me anytime. We are just putting final touches on the City's first Neighborhood Safety & Disaster Fair next Saturday.


Jeffrey Naranjo 1 year ago   Reply

I would love to have more info on your upcoming fair so i can disseminate it to our staff over 300 county employees.

michael frasco 1 year ago   Reply


we should talk, i have done disaster preparedness training and MCI command training.  You have my number to call me.

Jim King 1 year ago   Reply

Hello Jefferey!

I'm located in the Inland Empire.  Judging by some of the responses, it looks like you've got a lot of resources locally from which to solicit insight.  If there is anything I can do to help just let me know.  Thx - Jim 

Debra Williams 1 year ago   Reply

Hi Jeffrey & Jim - It would be great if the 3 of us talk soon.  I am in the Inland Empire and am helping community & faith based organization get prepared for a disaster .  We have started a collaboration project with about 30 churches so far. Our goal is to have 5000 churches and community based orgs across the nation in the coalition.  Let's share information since we are all in the same general area of southern California. Please feel free to contact me via email at info@«hidden»