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What To Include in the TITLE of Your Event

Hi Everyone,

While this is a great forum, I think that it could be even better if people included the Region, State, and County in which the event is taking place.  For example, instead of writing something like, "Marin County Disaster Preparedness Fair," consider writing something more informative by including the Region, State, and County.


-Eric Goldman (FEMA Region II, New York, New York County) 

Modified by Thomas Francisco - Community Manager (Contractor) - GovDelivery (1 year ago)
Juanita Resto 1 year ago   Reply

I agree!!! 

Steve Daldrup 1 year ago   Reply

Steve D. - SF Bay area - Eric, great idea! I have often thought that but never taken the time to post it. Thanks!!!

Will Plikaitis 1 year ago   Reply

Well said, Mr Francisco.  As I scroll through the events, it's nice to see where-in-the-world each is. 

Do we have any pull with the Webmaster?  Maybe he (or she) could add a couple of fields (county or city) to include when posting the event that would then show (state | county | city) along with the title and author.

Will Plikaitis 1 year ago   Reply

What a mistake!! I meant to say "Well said Mr Goldman!"