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Red Cross Preparedness

Carolyn Burns 1 year ago   Reply

Hi everyone!  I'm Carolyn Burns, Mass Care Shelter Coordinator for the Dayton, Ohio chapter of the American Red Cross.  We had our kickoff for National Preparedness Month at our meeting on Sept. 4th.  We emphasized that although we teach preparedness to others, we often find our own volunteers unprepared themselves, so we have focused on "leading through our own actions" and stepping up our own preparedness.  Great to be part of your group.  Thanks!  ~Carolyn

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks so much for introducing yourself and joining the community. How was your meeting on 9/4? Would love to hear any tips or best practices you came away with, as I know this is very helpful for others!

-Lauren Modeen

Valeriy Morozov 1 year ago   Reply

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