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The National Preparedness Community

Positive Feed Back From The Community

A Mt Gal R.N. 1 year ago   Reply

It has been fun getting the feedback from our community. Seniors stop me and say "Aren't you the gal on t.v. who tells us to get ready?". Then I ask what they have done since they saw the show? It leads to a discussion of special needs for seniors, so my goal has been met. The few books I was allowed to order were gone by the time I got home from the post office. Again the response was immediate,"This is just what I need to make a kit".All though my health issues keep me isolated I do feel that I have been able to contribute to the coalition, just in a different way. I will keep on educating and advocating for seniors, those with speical needs & pets pre-disaster.

Thanks for introducing yourself. It sounds like you are really passionate about the coalition as well. Great job! Keep up the good work.

-Lauren Modeen

Safety for all,

Am a fire Man in Nigeria, was told about these noble group of Emergence respondants. Pls how do I send some write up's?