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Introducing myself - Denise from No.VA

Denise Hartzler 1 year ago   Reply


My name is Denise Hartzler and I am the Product Manager for Mobile Apps at Irving Burton Associates (IBA). IBA is a Virginia-based SWAM business that has developed a mobile app called In Case of Crisis. We help organizations transform paper-based emergency response plans into dynamic state-of-the-art smartphone plans as well as help you keep your most valued assets calm and prepared during an emergency.

To learn more, simply visit or click here to see a quick video with more information.

I look forward to learning about the resources that are available to us as citizens through this site and I look forward to networking and hopefully meeting you one day. 


Hi Denise, Thanks for introducing yourself and joining the community. Have you had a chance to check out the discussions going on in your region? You can find a link to those discussions here: