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Intro of Self and New Disabled CERT Group

Michele Newman 1 year ago   Reply

Hi! My name is Michele Newman. I live in Thornton, CO. I am a 57 y.o. Savant with Asperger's Syndrome (autism). I also have other neuromuscular disabling conditions. I am a Colorado-certified CERT trainer and CAP (Community Awareness Program [special citizen counter-terrorism]) trainer. I'm a new amateur radio operator (KD0SSM) and a member of the Denver InfraGard chapter. A group of other Denver metro CERT trained disabled individuals are creating an organization called B-RAT (Be Ready America Together). The idea is to have interested differently or disabled individuals become CERT trained and go out into their communities to hold workshops or seminars on the importance of being prepared when any kind of emergency arises. The idea is to demonstrate to fully abled individuals that if someone who deals with physical or mental limitations every day of their life can be trained and ready for any emergency that may arise, then there is no excuse for any other citizen to take the same interest for their own well-being, and that of their family and community.

Is the B-RAT (Be Ready America Together) program, which utilizes disabled/differently-abled individuals to teach emergency preparedness in the community, something you would like to be a part of or see in your own community?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Hi Michele,

Thank you very much for joining our community and introducing yourself. You have a lot of experience! I hope you get a chance to participate in more discussions in the future and connect with other members.


Lauren Modeen