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The Three Little Pigs a must read

David Pressler 1 year ago   Reply

In my travels through storm prone areas of America I am amazed by the construction techniques used, mainly wood.  Today homes can be built to withstand enormous stress including earthquakes and fire yet few choose those options and go with antiquated construction techniques unfortunately indirectly we, the taxpayer, pay for the reconstruction, with minimum upgrades from before.

Now a monolithic concrete home is virtually indestructible and super energy efficient.

Communities and EM mgt personnel would be well advised to educate themselves on monolithic concrete construction and how money can be saved in their budgets with these structures and save lives at the same time.

NPM Team - FEMA 1 year ago   Reply

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hope you continue to do so!

-Lauren Modeen

Naomi Mitchum 1 year ago   Reply

You are exactly right, however, anyone who has had a catastrophic emergency and want to rebuilt, in fact must rebuild or clear, finds themself in a strange catch 22.  To collect your flood insurance, you are required to replace your home exactly as it was right down to the grade of carpet you had. This makes it impossible to rebuild with more emergency friendly materials.  Has anyone done research on how to convert for this without breaking the insurance rules?