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Earthquake in State of Maine, USA

Cheryl Biddle 1 year ago   Reply

Hello, my name is Cheryl Biddle and I reside in Dover, DE.

Has anyone heard how the folks in Maine are doing and any testamonials?  I heard on the NPR News, that the state of Maine had a "Major" Earthquake measuring 4.? on the Richter scale and that Geologists are on it right now.

Thanks.  Hope to hear more about this soon.

Cheryl A. Biddle

Dover, DE

NPM Team - FEMA 1 year ago   Reply

Hi Cheryl,

I grew up in on the border of MA/NH, and a great deal of my family still lives there. I heard a lot about the earthquake from them last night - many felt it in their homes but thankfully everyone is ok. Thanks for checking in to the community after you heard about this.

Here's a great resource to learn more about earthquakes:

For the latest updates you could certainly google for local TV but I'd watch this page. According to reports damage was minor and no significant injuries.

Michael Hatch 1 year ago   Reply

I live about 20 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake. Most everyone's first thoughts were "What's my furnace doing now?" followed closely by "Oh my, my furnace is blowing up!". Earthquakes of this magnitude (4.6) although still a minor one, are very rare in this area. We had a few reports of telephones in some areas not working for a short time. Cell service was also knocked out in some areas, although I think it was probably more from saturation than damage.

Actual damage reports have been scarce and more or less minor with some items falling off retail shelves close to the epicenter. I heard of one foundation being cracked. Note: I still have to check mine! I think the earthquake here was more a source for excitement than for damage. That being said, we wouldn't mind going another decade before we feel another.

Thanks for your interest and concern!

Mike Hatch, Emergency Management Consultant

Brownfield, Maine

Thanks for update. I appreciate the first hand info.

michael bookman 1 year ago   Reply

From : Michael f Bookman

Beverly Emergency Management

Beverly Mass

I felt the earthquake here in Beverly Mass Signed up today for the Great Shakeout but for a later date to do with our own CERT team and Emergency Management personnel. Will be writing a news article in the local paper on Emergency Preparedness on Earthquakes. Yes it can happen here and it can happen to me.MB