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Remaining October Dates for Your Calendar!

NPM Team - FEMA 1 year ago   Reply
Ronald Everitt 1 year ago   Reply

I took the long shot chance at meeting the CRI with an pending appointment next week with our local Emergency Management Director maybe had been the better shorter shot,having had an scheduling conflict. But most certainly will get back with the other of the if and of it with the Sandy weather on the East coast should of already been included in our 72 hour survival kit let alone with Winter coming on for a good part of our Nation,at least we didn't have it in our local survival kit suggestions.

This is a quick fix (and rather dangerous) but any in the Sandy area that might be afflicted a pop up tent large enough for you/family with sufficient amount of candles for heat/light and set the tent up inside your homes per chance the power goes out. The latter was dangerous,basic ice fishing equipment of an lantern and heater with an sufficient amount of bottled gas for the short duration of the power being out would be far better and less dangerous,but dangerous all the same.