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The Crown Capital Management International Relations Cyber warfare finger-pointing places strain

Kahlil burkens 1 year ago   Reply

BCS - Shortcomings in the methods employed by governments to monitor their IT networks and protect against cyber criminals could lead to increased tensions between nations as speculation grows over the source of specific attacks. According to Ross Brewer, vice president and managing director of international markets at LogRhythm, the inability of governments to quickly and correctly identify the perpetrators of cyber attacks against its networks can lead to finger-pointing, which could have a negative effect on political relations between countries.

Writing for SC Magazine, Mr Brewer says governments need to adopt new policies centred on the "continuous monitoring of IT networks" in order to enable "deep forensic analysis of growing amounts of data".

This way, "cyber attacks [can] be effectively mitigated and accurately attributed", removing the possibility of politicians wrongly accusing rival nations when attacks occur.

In order to achieve this, governments may have to adopt Big Data analytics, rather than continuing with simple "perimeter defences".

Verna Coles 1 year ago   Reply

Cyber crime, cyber frauds, cyber attracts… well basically all the same but how about the justice given to the victims to the crimes on the internet are they all the same as well, or should I say yes they are the same and their common ground is, all of them were not given a justice. It seems like criminals get away from it.  All the fraud warnings, fraud prevention and other guides and tips to avoid crime over the internet appear to be useless. 

Maxx Gulp 11 months ago   Reply

Have you ever thought of this; who is really to blame? The criminals, who are doing such acts because of poverty? Or the victims who were never on guard on themselves that is why they become victims? Or maybe the government who is making all of us poor?

Halle Bree 11 months ago   Reply

That one is very interesting. Well, everyone is partly to be blamed. Criminals and politicians/government are no different to each other. I think no one can ever argue with that. while victims, they should known better so that they would have to become victims.

Natasha Oleg 10 months ago   Reply

I have to agree with you and second your motion.  That’s the problem with some people, instead of solving the problem what they do is wasting their time looking for who to blame.

Fanny Hibbert 10 months ago   Reply

I think there is no use talking about or arguing about whose to blame.  What we rather have to do is identifying the root of the problem and how are we going to solve it.  Arguing and debating about this wouldn’t help so might as well stop it and rethink.