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The National Preparedness Community

New Meat !

Scotty Van dusen 1 year ago   Reply

Howdy All , new to the group .

Scott Van Dusen

Boeing Space Exploration

Fire Chief / Emergency Managment

JL Massey 1 year ago   Reply

Hi Scott,

I should introduce myself as well.  My name is Julie Massey and I work for the Montana Department of Environmental Quality.  I'm new to emergency response planning and when I ran across this group in my research I joined.

Been mostly lurking until now, but since I responded to a post earlier today, thought it would be polite to introduce myself to the group. 

Hello everyone....



Thanks for joining the community and introducing yourself. Have you had a chance to check out the conversations going on in your region? You may find a few others that are in your general area as well. You can find those here:

-Lauren Modeen

Lauren Marie Modeen 1 year ago   Reply

Hi Scotty,

Thanks for joining the community and introducing yourself. Would love to hear more about your experience with Boeing Space Exploration or as a Fire Chief / Emergency Management.