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Tell What You Think of Al Roker's Emergency Preparedness PSA

NPM Team - FEMA 1 year ago   Reply

Earlier this week NBC’s TODAY Show debuted four public service ads (PSAs) created pro bono in partnership with the Ad Council, as part of a weeklong series called "TODAY Takes Action." The series features an intimate look at four social issues including Matt Lauer and Fatherhood Involvement, Savannah Guthrie and Hunger Prevention, Natalie Morales and Shelter Pet Adoption, and last but not least, Al Roker and Emergency Preparedness!

"We know from our experience the incredible power of advertising to impact American lives, and I believe these PSAs will play a significant role in raising awareness of these critically important issues, while entertaining audiences" said Peggy Conlon, president and CEO of the Ad Council.

Al personally selected this social issue among the Ad Council's 50 national campaigns and participated in brainstorming sessions with ad agency Leo Burnett to help inform the creative. The segment is designed to encourage Americans to take steps to prepare in advance of emergencies in three steps: 1) Make a kit; 2) Practice drills; and 3) Know your area.

What do you think of Al's PSA? You can watch it on YouTube here!

I liked the Al Roker PSA.  While lighthearted...momentarily it does fake you out that the weather change is actually happening to him.  But it does speak volumes to the point of always being prepared.  Great job!  I also shared it in Facebook.  

Thanks Laura! So great to hear you shared on Facebook.


Thomas Moran 1 year ago   Reply

I thought that the Public Service Announcement for TODAY Takes Action with Al Roker was great.  I liked the back story even more showing us how the PSA was made.  The thing that hit me the most was when Al was practicing fire drills with Natalie Morales’ youngest son and he had to leave his toys behind.  He said, “What, leave the trains in the fire?”  You could almost hear this boy thinking, “Hey Mr. Roker, are you out of your mind?” Up to this point it was fun making a kit and practicing drills, the first two steps in preparing for an emergency.  The drill caused the little boy to realize that important decisions are required and must be made.  This exercise prompted this discussion and I feel that this is the most valuable part of preparedness.  General Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “Plans are worthless. Planning is essential.”  I think he was trying to say that the act of planning is very valuable in that it makes us think, have discussions, and drives us to action. The end result is a written plan that starts to fade as soon as the ink is dry.  The plan has to be constantly reviewed, exercised, and updated.  And all of this is the planning process.  

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your comment. You are so right about the Eisenhower quote: "Plans are useless. Planning is essential." I never thought of it in quite this way, but this is such a smart way of illustrating exactly why we all need to always practice, always refresh... muscle memory is probably one of the most important things we'd rely on in a disaster situation. And of course, a properly prepared kit.

Thanks for commenting. So smart!

-Lauren Modeen

Jody Johnson 1 year ago   Reply

I loved it!  Great job by everyone.

Kathryn Turner 1 year ago   Reply

If I am not mistaken, I believe Al's main objective for making this PSA was to get the public motivated to prepare. Hats off to Al and the production crew for creating what appeared to be a real and sudden stormy experience. It was entertaining. I appreciated the run through by asking children in their home to physically go through the motions if a disaster should strike. Perhaps getting parents to rethink their home emergency plan and talk to their kids about it. However, I don't feel these presentations were particularly strong motivators for the general public to get them up and preparing for an emergency. A little humor is fine, but humor carried through out the message can dilute the significance of a serious message. At least for me anyway. 

Imagine the impact of using well known and well liked sports stars, celebrities, musicians, or political figures, speaking directly to the camera. "Hi, I'm John Doe. We have tornadoes where I live. They scared me, until I got prepared. I've got my emergency kit right here in my backpack that I keep in the hallway closet at home.  I'm ready for anything! You know what my favorite emergency food is? P-nut butter on graham crackers. Is your family ready like me? Maybe you don't live in tornado country. Maybe you live in earthquake, fire, or winter snow storm country? Ask someone and find out what kind of natural disaster can occur where you live. To get a list of the items I have in my backpack, or what Jane Doe has in her backpack (enter Jane Doe who is dressed for winter), or what John Smith has in his backpack, (enter John Smith dressed in khaki camping garb), go to: www.________    

Feel Good About Being Ready."

I believe this type of public service announcement would more effectively get people thinking and moving towards preparing themselves and their family. Perhaps this idea has been done before though I don't recall it. 

Kathryn Turner- The MediPal Company

Arthur (Rock) Wolf 1 year ago   Reply

AL missed the mark by jumping on the global warming issue after the state of the union, only a fool would support one year of DATA as the guidence for globaL WARMING. The president can be fool year round but Al has a job to keep us informed on weather that may put us at risk on daily basis.

Ronald Everitt 1 year ago   Reply

Qued in on the video but was reminded when an Vet org I once belonged to published its consideration of having their own community emergency response team "I saw the whole matter getting as loose as a goose" but kuddos to mainline media even for its attempt also of keeping point to the idea.

I thought Al Rokers public service announcement was a very good reminder for everyone to make a plan in the event of an emergency and to actually practice it as well!.

 I have come to the conclusion that unfortunately many people are not prepared in the event of an emergency. People have become complacent with the " It can't happen to me!" attitude. I have arrived at this conclusion by my many observations of fire, evacuation, sheltering in place drills conducted at a variety of places and locations. So we will go on sharing our knowledge in the hopes that truly we are impacting society and their opportunities to be prepared for that emergency should it occur.

Ronald Everitt 1 year ago   Reply

Right on Deborah,we have to keep those lamp wicks trimmed