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How to get FEMA preparedness ideas months before launched?

Peggy LovellFord 1 year ago   Reply

The subject is just that...not sure who to call or how to ask the correct folks the question.  I would like to piggyback on some of the campaigns but I need more warning so I can be organized to make best use of the materials.

Hi Peggy,

Here are some Preparedness Month resources. Let me know if you are looking for something we don't have here!

-Lauren Modeen

Peggy LovellFord 1 year ago   Reply


Hi Peggy,

You can also find the Citizen Corps Monthly Themes for 2013 here:


Lauren Eineker

Peggy LovellFord 1 year ago   Reply

I went into National Preparedness Month and the document per the link was for 2011.  Is there a place to find what FEMA is going to push out for 2013?  Last year was Pledge to Prepare...I appreciate any direction available. 

Wendi Marcy 1 year ago   Reply


I asked a similar question about a week ago...they said they probably wont come out with a NPM theme until June or so...  I'm in the same boat...If I'm going to follow the same theme I need a lot more time...  guess I'm coming up with my own.