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Advantages and Disadvantages of VPS Hosting
There are many advantages to using VPS hosting services. The list below includes the top five of these benefits:
  • VPS hosting ( is like shared hosting but affords you far greater performance. It encompasses excellent traffic capacity, more storage space, and other features suitable for various projects.
  • One of the biggest advantages of VPS hosting is its price. You get many of the features typically only available to those with dedicated servers but at a much lower price. If you have a growing business and need a stable web hosting solution, then VPS hosting is probably the best option.
  • VPS hosting tends to be highly You only pay for the features you’ll need, and you can always swap out your operating systems and server applications for those of your choice.
  • Many vendors offer excellent technical support and VPS management services. Unlike dedicated servers — which require you to engage highly-trained personnel to handle your equipment and software — VPS hosting doesn’t require as much technical knowledge.
  • VPS hosting gives you more control over your virtual space compared to shared hosting.

All web hosting options have some disadvantages as well. Here are some of the cons of VPS hosting:
  1. Even though you have more control over the server with VPS hosting than with shared hosting, you still don’t have total control over numerous significant functions. These limitations will be felt particularly by enterprise-scale operations with strict security and privacy requirements (such as healthcare facilities). You possess only part of the server and even though that part may be large, everything is ultimately controlled by the web hosting provider.
  2. Since your website will still be located on a single physical server, that server is vulnerable to power outages or attacks. While your website will still be more secure on a VPS than on shared hosting, if that server happens to go down, so will your website.
  3. Compared to cloud hosting, VPS isn’t as easily scalable. If, for example, your website happens to experience a spike in traffic on a single night of the week but then dwindle to a slow trickle for the rest of the week, you’ll have to pay for all that additional bandwidth even if it sits there unused for most of the week.
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  5. Compared to shared hosting, the price of VPS hosting is usually much higher. If you’ve outgrown your shared hosting plan but haven’t yet progressed to needing a dedicated server, it’s fairly common to balk when you first see the price of a VPS plan.
  6. VPS hosting can face some service issues as well. The web host may oversell the space thinking that their users won’t ever use all of their allocated resources. If these resources are not properly distributed, issues may occur when a certain website starts using the maximum allowance of its available resources. This may not only affect the performance of this particular website, but it can also affect the performance of other accounts on the server.