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Youth Preparedness Council Members Reflect on Project Accomplishments

July 2019

Introduction to Youth Preparedness Council Projects

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Youth Preparedness Council (YPC) brings together young leaders interested in disaster preparedness. They are also dedicated to their communities. YPC members meet with FEMA staff, share preparedness information, and complete preparedness projects. On July 16-17, 2019, the YPC members will attend the YPC Summit in Washington, DC. This event provides a chance to reflect on accomplishments and prepare for next year.

Over the past year, three teams of YPC members completed national-level preparedness projects. Each team focused on one of FEMA’s critical missions. These include citizen responder programs, youth preparedness education, and financial preparedness. The YPC members worked together to manage the projects from start to finish. They also promoted the project’s successes to the public.

Project 1: Citizen Responder Programs

The first project increased youth access to Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) programs. The team developed a manual for Teen CERT programs. YPC members Naomi Winston, Ruben Banks, and RJ Cardenas led this project. From the project experience, they learned that teamwork made them more effective. They suggest visiting the CERT website or review these Teen CERT Resources for more information.

Project 2: Youth Preparedness Education

The second project raised awareness for youth preparedness programs. First, the YPC members distributed the Prepare with Pedro activity book. Second, the team created a bilingual script and video for the Ready2Help card game. YPC members Marcos Rios, Camden Larsen, Grace Harris, Hannah Shultz, and Nicole Munoz led this project. From the project experience, they learned the importance of communication and delegating tasks.

Project 3: Financial Preparedness

The third project improved the financial preparedness of young adults. The YPC members developed a video about saving, budgeting, and setting financial goals. The video contained real-world examples to help all audiences understand financial preparedness. YPC members Nyla Howell, Katerina Corr, Maryam Choudhury, Lathan Chatfield, Savannah Huff, and Makenzie Hinson led this project. From the project experience, they learned greater personal responsibility and research skills. They suggest visiting Ready.gov or the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK) for more information.

Conclusion: Youth Preparedness Council

The YPC members will present these accomplishments to over 100 guests at the YPC Summit. They will also meet the new YPC members and prepare for next year’s projects. The 2018-2019 application process is closed, but you may be able to take part in future YPC projects! Please visit the Youth Preparedness Council website to learn more.

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