Water Emergency Preparedness

Water Utilities Taking Action to Build Resilience
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Prepare your water or wastewater utility for natural disasters, accidents, and intentional acts. 
Count down to National PrepareAthon! Day of Action! Take these simple actions to improve resilience:

April 25: PARTNER
Join your state's Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN).

April 26: EXPLORE
Update or create an emergency call-down list. 
Save "Response On-The-Go" - an emergency response tool - on your mobile device.

April 27: EDUCATE
Raise awareness in your community with the Public Awareness Kit.

April 28: TRAIN
Sign up for EPA's Free Preparedness Tools Webinar to learn about new resources.

April 29: PROTECT
Manage your cyber risk with AWWA's Cybersecurity Guidance.

Learn more at epa.gov/waterresilience
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