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ICP Award Promotion

ICP Award Promotion Video Full Length

ICP Award Promotion Video Shortened

ICP Award Promotion Video Shortened

A Perfect Stranger

It is a powerful reminder that at a moment’s notice, any one of us might find ourselves in a situation where we are the help until help arrives.

Prepare Yourself

A 15-second preview of “It Started Like Any Other Day” which features survivors, local officials, and first responders telling stories about surviving a natural disaster and the importance of preparing.

When the Sky Turns Gray

When The Sky Turns Gray - Animated Video for Winter Storm

When the Earth Shakes

hen The Earth Shakes - Animated Video for Earthquake

It Started Like Any Other Day

You never know when disaster will strike. Neither did Chantel, Abby, or Adam. Meet three survivors from three recent natural disasters: Hurricane Sandy; the Moore, Oklahoma tornado; and the Poinsettia Wildfire outside of San Diego.

When the Storm Comes

A tornado awareness and preparedness animation

When the Waves Swell

Cloud of Smoke