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YPC Connects with Libraries for Financial Preparedness

March 2020

April is National Financial Capability Month (NFCM)! This year, FEMA’s National and Regional Youth Preparedness Councils (YPC) will engage with local libraries to promote financial preparedness. Throughout the month, libraries will promote financial preparedness by sharing a YPC-designed graphic that shows library patrons the steps to financially prepare for an emergency.

Some of the best ways to prepare for a disaster are to know the risks for where you live and to save for the unexpected. Creating an emergency fund can help individuals, families, communities, businesses, and organizations rebound and recover from disasters.

Libraries can play an important role in emergency preparedness as a gathering place for community members to share information with one another. Libraries can promote financial preparedness since they provide free access to financial literacy materials and technology. Library staff are also intimately connected to the community and its needs and are usually community members themselves. They are often enthusiastic about youth outreach, skill-building, and community resilience, making them the perfect partners to help youth promote NFCM to their communities.

The YPC’s efforts to promote NFCM also support FEMA’s commitment to involve America’s youth in preparedness. These YPC members are leading the way to help youth and their communities learn how to make better financial decisions that will ensure their preparedness for emergencies and resilience. So far, here is what the National YPC has done to promote financial preparedness at local libraries across the country:

  • Designed a YPC graphic highlighting four steps on how to create an emergency fund:
    1. Decide how often to save money
    2. Choose how much money to save
    3. Set aside money
    4. Start your emergency savings fund
  • Created the #moneymagnet2020 social media campaign to increase awareness of becoming financially prepared.

The National YPC is also collaborating with Regional YPC members to engage libraries within their regions with the graphic and social media campaigns. Intended to be a regional competition, the National and Regional YPC members who engage the most libraries in their region will be featured on FEMA’s Ready.gov homepage and in an article within FEMA’s Individual and Community Preparedness (ICP) newsletter. To sign up for the FEMA ICP newsletter, please click here. Be on the lookout this spring!

In the meantime, check out https://www.ready.gov/financial-preparedness for more information on how you can be financially prepared and visit your local library to learn more about available financial preparedness resources.

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