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ONRR Employees Refresh Emergency Plans with Companywide “30 Days of Preparedness”

May 2016

ONRR's PrepareAthon! Be Smart. Take Part. Prepare. LogoNearly 200 Office of Natural Resources Revenue staff members across the country participate in contest during National Preparedness Month

Located in seven states across the country, the Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) manages an average of $11 billion in annual revenues associated with Federal offshore and onshore mineral leases. ONRR offices and employees face a variety of hazards like building fires, and natural disasters that have the potential to impact operations significantly. 

Enhancing Employee Engagement with Preparedness Contests

Ten Ways to Participate in America's PrepareAthon! Graphic
Employees received a tracking sheet with ideas
for each major component of
preparation. Each component had to be
authenticated by ONRR’s zone monitors or
safety committee members.
In 2015, spurred by President Barack Obama’s call for all citizens to prepare for potential disasters, ONRR staff participated in America’s PrepareAthon! with a month-long initiative. Seeking to educate employees in engaging ways, ONRR kicked off the 2015 National Preparedness Month by challenging its 645 employees to complete as many of the “10 Ways to Participate” as possible by National PrepareAthon! Day on September 30.
Multifaceted Contest Increases Employees’ Impact on their Communities

The competition urged employees to take specific preparedness actions like downloading alerts and warnings, and participating in trainings and discussions. Guest speakers focused on topics like “Disaster Preparedness for Disproportionately Vulnerable Populations” and “Family and Care Givers.” ONRR staff practiced their

"ONRR takes preparedness seriously
 and understands its importance.
National Preparedness Month served
as a reminder to prepare at work and
at home throughout the year for all

--Sheila D. Perry, Program Analyst,
ONRR Denver

disaster response plans at work by conducting fire and shelter-in-place drills. ONRR also tested its newly acquired emergency alert system to make sure that it worked during peak business hours.

Tommi DuBose, secretary for the Oklahoma City office, noted, “We all learned the importance of keeping important information secure in case of a disaster, ensuring that there is enough food, water, flashlights, and batteries in case of prolonged stay in a shelter, and reviewing escape routes. There are many things that people never think about, and this exercise brought those to light.”

Employees widened the impact of their workplace initiative by reaching out to their neighbors to ensure that they, too, have emergency plans, and by organizing neighborhood meetings. “Many of the employees’ efforts reached outside the ONRR organization,” said Sheila D. Perry, Program Analyst at ONRR in Denver. “This fostered people looking past their ‘safe’ environment to consider their losses if a disaster or incident strikes while they are at work or at home.”
Participants of ONRR's PrepareAthon! in Denver, CO

Nearly 200 employees participated in the ONRR PrepareAthon! activities throughout the month, and 40 people completed all 10 challenge components. ONRR’s actions provide a strong example of how to engage employees in America’s PrepareAthon!