You are the Help

First There, First to Care! Be An Active Bystander
You are the help until help arrives.

Bystanders don’t stand by- they act. No matter how quickly first responders arrive, you- the bystander- will always be there first and the actions you take in those first few minutes may save someone’s life.

You can Help.
Stop! When someone is injured and in need of assistance, stop to help.
Call 911. Report the exact location of the emergency and the condition of those injured.
Move to Safety. When an injured person is in danger, move them away to safety.
Provide Care. Stop bleeding, help them breath by opening their airway, keep them warm, and help them to maintain a position of comfort. For more information, seeStop the Bleed.
Give Comfort. Offer a hand or words of encouragement; tell them help is coming.
Pass to First Responders. Stay until first responders arrive and take over care.